Pool Fence & Pool Gate Products

Bakersfield Pool Fence only installs the strongest pool fence available in the market.

Life Saver Premium Solid Core Pool Fence

We carry the patented Life Saver Premium Solid Core Fence, built to exceed the highest construction standards and highest level of pool safety. Its “bend not break” triple-reinforced pol design and marine grade quadruple stitching on the borders make it the most robust on the market, and the safest! The inside of the pole is literally a solid core with a 135-break strength rating!  It’s available in a range of heights including 42”, 48” and 60”. Common color choices include black or brown, however we can do additional colors as needed. Details when you inquire.

Pool Barrier Pool Fence

We also offer an alternate mesh pool fence option, Pool Barrier. Its Y Pole design is strong, made of reinforced aluminum, and it is available as a 48” tall fence. Color choices include black or brown only. An excellent choice too!

Our fences for pools come in a variety of colors and heights. Availability may vary. Inquire when you call. Black is a common color, and it is actually very transparent and attractive! Brown pool fence is also very common in California near Bakersfield and available in our Life Saver Premium Fence.  We will work with you to find a combination that suits your personal taste while still maintaining the highest level of safety.

Call Beau at (661) 332-4952 if you need to customize your fence. We also install self-closing, self-locking pool gates and pool fence accessories. Arched gates look beautiful, and they keep little ones away from the pool too very effectively.

Pet Fence

Protect your pets! In California, pets are our family and we owe it to them to keep them out of harm’s way. Our solution is a durable pet fence made of the same strong mesh we use to protect children. It comes in shorter heights and a range of colors. Ask us how we can help you when you inquire, we will recommend the right pet fence option.


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    Life Saver Removable Mesh Pool Fence Options

    Life Saver Pool Fence product options

    Mesh & Border Features

    • High mil mesh that is transparent and wrinkle free
    • Four stitched border which guarantees no unraveling
    • Weatherproof, Marine Grade material
    • 100 Year Warranty

    High Wind Performance Pole

    • Thick heavy gauge outer layer
    • Solid interior layer
    • Offered exclusively by Life Saver Pool Fence Systems, Inc.
    • 100 Year Warranty

    Common Life Saver Solid Core Pool Fence Color Options

    Life Saver Pool Fence color options

    Self-Closing, Self-Locking Pool Gates

    A pool gate is an essential part of any Life Saver Pool Fence system! Life Saver’s pool safety gates use at least 33% more aluminum material than any other brands in the industry. It is framed on all four sides giving the gate the most support available, making it the strongest and safest gate. The gate latch can be lifted high up making it harder for a child to reach.

    We install arched gates and will discuss all aspects with you when you call.

    Life Saver mesh pool fences can easily be installed into many surfaces. We install into, concrete, sand, grass, travertine, lanais, , seawalls, and even garages. They can be customized to fit your needs.

    Please take a moment to review the safety information provided on the website as well as our reviews and photo gallery. Whether you need a pool safety fence, seawall/boat dock fence, or a pet fence, contact Bakersfield Pool Fence today. Schedule your FREE estimate by calling (661) 332-4952 or contacting us online here. Contact us today!

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