Pool Safety Tips

  1. When having an event such as a children’s party, always designate a water watcher. A water watcher is someone who will not leave the pool area and watch the children in and around the pool area.
  2. Pool alarms are a great layer of protection. Some come with units that mount in the home.
  3. Swim lessons from a ISR school help children not to panic and know what to do if they fall into a pool.
  4. A pool safety fence can not only save your child’s life, but also your dog’s life.
  5. Installing a pool fence can also keep neighbor’s kids who might climb your fence from drowning.
  6. It’s a good idea for someone to learn “hands on CPR” in case you do have an accidental drowning happen.
  7. Make sure all pool and spa drain covers are VGB compliant anti-entrapment drain covers. This will help prevent entrapment and possible drowning.
  8. Make sure skimmer and auto fill covers are in place and not worn. Injury can happen if covers are not in place or cracked.
  9. Make sure your pool light is wired to a working GFCI. This is a backup if your pool lights’ ground wire fails or there is a short.
  10. Always test the temperature of your pool’s spa. If the limit switch fails, it’s possible for the spa to exceed 104 degrees, which is unsafe.
  11. Always check the pool first if your child is missing. A few minutes makes the difference for the rest of the child’s life.


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